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Cerraeh Dutchess Laykin

Internationally published photographer and artist, Cerraeh Dutchess Laykin burst onto the art scene in 2009 with her unique and provocative take on food imagery. Coming from a career in fashion design, graphic design and commercial photography, she has trained her eye to capture beauty, texture and composition with all her subjects. After studying photography in Paris, she returned her native Los Angeles to continue expressing her vision through both fine art and commercial photography. While her commercial work focuses on product, architecture, and people, she has a particular interest in exploring the beauty and provocative side of everyday things, especially food. Cerraeh continues to push the boundaries with her range and subject matter. Her current collections of fine art photographs include "Aphrodisia - The Forbidden Fruit", "Roma Flora", "Scapes", and " Boudie Call".

Her self-published book, Forbidden Fruit is available in 12x12 hardcover. Fine art prints and custom orders available upon request.

LA 310.560.1969
HK 852-6101 5732

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